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Geographic Reach

We have a well-established international 
presence with over 1,000 employees in our offices globally.


Our innovative technologies are available in more than 100 countries worldwide, and are supported by a growing global salesforce, manufacturing facilities and R&D teams.


Advanced MedTech Holdings Pte. Ltd.

2 Venture Drive 

#23-18 Vision Exchange

Singapore 608526

Phone +65 6572 6068
Fax +65 6572 6093

Main office locations around the world

Argelsrieder Feld 7

82234 Weßling


1155 Roberts Boulevard N.W. Suite 100

Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

United States

Meguro Estate Building

3-8-5 Kami-Ohsaki

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141- 0021


Job Openings

At Advanced MedTech, we believe in building a culture of innovation and reliability in our people, products and services.

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