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Global Market Leader in Urological Disease Treatment

Advanced MedTech is a vertically integrated medical device company that delivers above market growth and consistent financial performance. A pioneer and leader in the field of urology, we are committed to developing and commercialising innovative treatments and services to take on the challenges in global healthcare. 


HeatFlex Laser Fibres

Laser Fibres

GentleFlex Laser Fibres

Laser Fibres

Aries 2 Erectile Dysfunction

Aries® II
 (erectile dysfunction)

Our Pipeline

We have a diverse portfolio of paradigm-shifting innovations that have the potential to transform and improve the lives of patients. This is supported by a pipeline of innovative treatments such as the next generation of the world’s best-selling lithotripter and a new era for erectile dysfunction treatment.




Next Generation ESWL - Delta 3

Next Generation
ESWL – Delta ® III

SafeFlex Laser Fibres

Laser Fibres

Next Generation ESWL and Lasers

Aries 2 Erectile Dysfunction

Solvo® 35


Dornier MedTech Introduces New Laser Portfolio and Most Powerful Urological Laser for Stone Lithotripsy in Singapore

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Geographic Reach

We have a well-established international 
presence with over 1,000 employees in our offices globally.


Our innovative technologies are available in more than 100 countries worldwide, and are supported by a growing global salesforce, manufacturing facilities and R&D teams.

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